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May 2, 2008
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    greetings my senais.i have a problem with my windos media player.each time i try to play a dvd it writes this"WMP cannot play dvd because a compatible dvd decoder is not installed".can any body provide some guidance?
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    try to update from microsoft if you have a legitimate or licensed copy of your windows this might solve the problem? ciao!
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    I had a problem about that decoder issue too. When i play my dvd that i copied from a vr format, the dvd would play on my regular dvd player but it wouldnt play on my laptop, it says my media player needs a compatible dvd decoder to play the dvd to my media player. I'm wondering if you could help me what to do or what is the compatible dvd decoder for my laptop. I had a Toshiba sattelite series with window vista. I tried to download the codec and so is the decoder from microsoft windows and even my media player but it it says the same thing,i dont have a compatible dvd decoder to play the dvd on my media player.
    I would appreciate your help!
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    I had the same problem like you do!
    Did you ever get it work like what they told you?Let me know!
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