Windows 10 is now installed on 300 million devices, free upgrade offer to end this summer

I don't mind Windows 10; it's faster to boot and I can mostly avoid "metro". I just wish MS would de-metro their office products. Comparing Excel 2010 to 2016, I have about 10% more data area under 2010 than 2016. Why the big ugly areas for headers and footers? - all else being equal (font size, row height) I can fit 4 more rows of data on a maximized screen in Excel 2010 than 2016. And "metro" color schemes are hideous.


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So rather than commit all my rigs to the upgrade. all got automatic updates turned off for a while .I'll try it on one . got till july 29 to try so .I'd rather key and medium ,over online upgrade .harddrive fails yer hooped?

seems no one is really raving how great 10 is though, yeah many got upgraded while they slept.nearly got one of mine that had automatic updates turned on.


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From XP through to Windows 10 I've only got excited by Windows 8/8.1 which I disliked because it required a fair bit of work to get used to. In the end I used third party software to make it more familiar. I'm still baffled that people become totally commited to earlier versions of Windows. If you can handle one you can easily adapt to the later versions. There's certainly more to explore in the latest version though.

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@Adhmuz, that's almost identical to the way I setup Classic Shell on my Win10.
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Now these are not only beautiful, but much more functional for me than the eyesore I saw in the video. To be fair some of the stuff in the video was quite amazing, but my life must be much too simple because I need none of it. I wonder how many people actually use all their pc's that way or if it is just MS trying to lead the way for the ignorant masses again (thinking Win 8)