Windows 10 October Update put on hold after reports of disappearing files


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When Microsoft claimed that they “focused on helping people across their work and personal lives” with their new update, deleting personal files isn’t exactly what most users had in mind. In a quick response to the spreading panic they said:

“We have paused the rollout of the Windows 10 October 2018 Update (version 1809) for all users as we investigate isolated reports of users missing some files after updating.”

They declined to comment further. If you’ve already installed the update, Microsoft is recommending minimizing use of your Windows 10 device as much as possible and contacting them immediately via their number or contact page.

“Please don’t install it.”

If you do have the update you might want to make sure your Intel drivers are up to date (that will fix performance bugs) and check if any files have been deleted. Currently, it’s believed that only files in the documents folder of a user are affected. According to Microsoft, the majority of users who downloaded the update didn’t have any files deleted, and if that’s the case for you then you can continue using your PC as normal.

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Joining the Insider Program is pointless. Installing Insider Preview Builds are supposed to help stop these issues. I wouldn't worry about them but I can't allow Microsoft to bottleneck my ISP service updating all my devices.

I did download both bit versions of 1809. I am fortunate that I had not installed the update. I did however bottleneck everyone for a whole day doing it. At least that is better than allowing Microsoft a whole week updating. I will wait for the revised update and spend another day downloading.


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I've read a couple of stories related to this. one person losing 200+ gigs of files that consisted of 20+ years of memories etc. I feel horrible. I've had drive failures or just instances where backups wouldn't work and I was screwed. unfortunately, even though I force myself to use enterprise ltsb because of **** like this, these affected people will most likely continue to use windows 10. they probably won't buy a mac, switch to linux or even more sensible, switch back to windows 7, they'll still rock windows 10 and all they'll get for it is a sorry and possibly no data recovered at all. I have a question. what if the user who lost the most files, was a user who never "tweaked" or played around with windows 10. like they didnt use 3rd party programs like o&o shut up 10 etc. programs microsoft can blame for this. what if he used literally nothing to tweak the os and left it at its default state since he installed windows 10? meaning he left everything telemetry related etc enabled during the install, then he didnt disable a thing about windows 10 and used it as is. then microsoft tells said user even with all their cloud crap enabled and their millions of ways they're spying on u, they say they can't recover any of your data. now that would be....funny.

here's how bad windows update is in windows 10......and I just figured this garbage out a few days ago after over a year. remember on windows 7 when you u used to be able to open gpedit.msc and find the spot to enable the "do not install devices not described by other policy settings" so you could reinstall a graphics driver without windows auto reinstall that? yea that doesn't work on windows 10. now you have to go to the system settings and tell windows update not to install drivers automatically along with doing the gpedit.msc procedure. BUT WAIT. stupid windows 10 is STILL reinstalling an nvidia driver on reboot even though ive told it not to. oh wait. I have to manually disable the windows update service itself AND go into regedit and manually set the background intelligence transfer service to a startup value of 4 to disable it. hey now I can reinstall/update my gfx driver properly without windows 10 force installing an old version of it everytime I reboot my pc. I tell my pc "no" in 2 different ways, that used to work. now I have to basically brute force it to stop and it because of the way windows 10 is bound to windows update.

I love windows 10 in many ways, but in many ways it needs to burn out and go away. microsoft wanted windows 10 to be more about the user, adding all of these things to it. they should have built from windows 7 and made all of these new features of windows 10/8.1 optional 3rd party downloads for windows 7 users. windows 10/8.1 shouldnt be seperate operating systems because they're mainly garbage until you "break" it yourself and make it how u want it to be.


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I decided early on [like in the beginning] I didn't want my files mixed in operating folders. Many may not classify "User Data" as a operating folder. I do because Windows creates the folder and any install has the potential of making changes. I saw this in the beginning and decided I would rather create my own folders for my files. I don't even want Windows linked to my data folders. If I loose my files, it will be from drive failure. Not some software glitch, especially one from an OS level.


5 PCs updated for family and friends:

2 desktops, 2 laptops and an Intel NUC.
Spanning 3rd 5th 6th and 7th gen Intel CPUs
3 using Intel IGP, 2 geforce cards.

No errors whatsoever, apart from task manager showing wrong CPU use percentage. Annoying, but not critical.

No files missing, no Intel driver problems, all working absolutely fine..

I didn't get to update my own PC before update was pulled....


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3 issues with Windows 10 Pro on my system:

1.) I can’t login to my PLEX server using Windows Edge browser, but Chrome works fine.
2.) multi-monitor support seems broken. I can disable a monitor, but re-enabling or “extend desktop” fails to enable the monitor. Enabling from within NVIDIA control panel works fine.
3.) MakeMKV fails to write to an alternative drive letter, but works fine if writing to desktop.

... so far I’m NOT impressed with Win10, 1809.


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I have 1809 but I haven't had any issues so far regarding lost files. I have backed up all my user folders though, just in case.


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Thank God I bought that memory building course I saw on late night TV! I have memorized all 23K files and can now walk through my system checking for missing files whew dodged a bullet there.
This is unacceptable from a corp of this size and age. I only keep a few but very important files in the documents folder I do image my drive and those files content doesn't change often, but this cannot happen, yet it did, unbelievable.


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Guess I lucked out as a day one installer, but I frequently check my backups and store the most important files in 2-3 locations anyway. Unfortunately for most people, this isn't the case.
I really wish Microsoft would make more OneDrive space available by default for Windows users. At least for the average user, having enough space for your documents/pictures/etc. to automatically sync with OneDrive would help eliminate some of the worry.


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- Bill Gates was a bastard who destroyed lots of good competition, lots of good products, without filling their empty space. For example, he destroyed Delphi, a top solution for developers, without giving a tool that would replace it (Visual Studio is pathetic, it can't make standalone apps without a huge runtime). But looking at his successors, Bill Gates nowadays looks almost good.

- New CEO was that junkie id-iot Steve Ballmer. I thought that's the end of Microsoft. Because Ballmer is a m-ron. What does he know about leadership or technology? He showed no respect towards his best employees. The only thing he knows about is cocaine.

- Then Satya Nadella took over. And immediately you could feel that big changes are following. But... not good changes. Less quality, less planning, more ad-hoc solutions. Squeeze web everywhere (is there crappier and slower tech than web-tech?) even where it doesn't belong. Even cellphones aren't using web, but replacing them with native apps, because web is crappy, incompatible and slow. But Satya doesn't care. He's used to that way of thinking. Fast-developed, crappy solutions with zero testing. It's that type of mentality.

And another great direction: Trying to emulate cellphone look-and-feel on something that is immensely more powerful than a cellphone. Losing entire competitive advantage of a computer in the process.

Microsoft must get rid of that "great leader". I thought Bill Gates wasn't very smart, but he was Nikola Tesla compared to those two morons that succeeded him. How low can you go, Microsoft?
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You might think I am weird, but I never update my software. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, is my motto.

I bought an Asus tablet and it told me to up grade my OS, well it screwed up the tablet and made it almost unuseable and their Tech help was certainly NO help at all. they refered me here and there and accused me of screwing it up. Never buy Asus: they are misspelled: instead of asus it should be assu they make an *** out of u.