Windows 10 stalls on booting


TS Rookie
Hi, total novice here and trying to save this PC with Windows 10. It will boot up to the screen of a scenic backdrop, ask for the "pin" which is then entered.
It proceeds to another screen asking for password. This is different than the pin but it proceeds to the next screen which is just a personal photo as a "screen saver". There are NO icons on the desktop. There is only the very bottom line with the Windows start button showing on far left, a search box then nothing. If you hover the mouse over anything on that bottom line, you only get the spinning blue circle which never changes.

I have managed to get into the repair / recovery menus and have tried "Fix start up" which said it was unable to do. I won't go into any choice which will cause loss of apps or data. Also tried to restore with only two dates available with unable to do. Also the go back prior to last update which says it can't
do. Searching internet gave me random things to try as I don't know what to really do from here. I've gone into safe mode, which BTW, is a blank screen (no icons) where there is "safe mode" in each corner along with that one bar at bottom that only gives me the blue spinning circle.

In command prompt, I put in some terms involving checking hard drive status and it came back with "status..OK,OK,OK,OK,OK".
The command sfc /scannow resulted in Verification 100% complete and not sure if that was all or if that was significant.
Another command (not sure of it) resulted in listing all the file types with zero KB in bad clusters with the phrase "No further action is required".

From here I've been to Microsoft page and downloaded the Windows 10 media onto a USB drive and wanted to proceed with the process where you,
I think, reinstall Windows 10 while "SAVING" all apps and data files. However when I select that, a message comes up with terms telling me that option
is not available if I can't boot into Windows 10 first !!!! ???? I'm probable messed up but I thought that was the whole point of this process where your
system won't finish booting up and you want to replace Win 10 while saving apps and data..... I'm lost at this point.

Again I"m really outside of my comfort zone but still want to learn and solve this problem if possible. If anyone can take me step by step to a
resolution while saving apps and data I would be most grateful

Best regards and thanks again.