Windows 2000 Formatted Entire Partition!!!

By bikernin
Oct 5, 2005
  1. im using win2k sp4. when is started it i got an windows chkdsk saying one of your drives needs to be checked for consistency. it then gave the following message..
    "Deleting orphan record segment 1" and this went upto 50000. when i started windows i found that the entire partition was empty.
    the partition was on a recently purchased (less than 1 month old) segate barracuda 160 gb sata drive.
    can someone please help me and tell me waht could have caused this. i have lost a lot of valuable data and is gonna cause me a lot of financial loss as well because this was the largest partition with all of my MOST important data.
    please give any suggestions or recommendation on how i can recover my data if at all that is possible.
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