Windows 2000 Install Blank Screen

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Jul 9, 2004
  1. I have an old Dell Inspiron 7000 what my CEO wants me to put win 2000 on. We purchased a new HD, formatted it and started the install. When it gets to the detection page where it says the screen may flicker, the screen goes blank and stays that way permenantly. The screen is still on, but the install never comes back.

    I have reformatted and everything and it keeps happening. Any ideas? :confused:
  2. saint01

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    well, why am i not surprised that microsoft's knowledge base was tricky to find this issue. i did find it however and solved the problem by changing the bios settings from SIML to LCD.
  3. Arris

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    Welcome and sorry we didn't get to help you before you managed to fix your problem yourself.
    But thanks for posting back to let us know what the solution was. :grinthumb

    There is nothing more frustrating than reading a post where someone has replied "Fixed it now" with no explanation. :D
  4. bruced

    bruced TS Rookie

    same problem but no bios option

    Hello guys!

    I'm having the exact same problem on a 500mhz Pentium3 computer using the Pheonix SE440BX-2 motherboard. But, it has no option in the bios to change (as the original poster had). Do you think it's a matter of upgrading the bios?

  5. Liquidlen

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    Check your MB web site for any manuals and updates etc. Dells have proprietary bios ,they prefer to limit what owners can control on their computers.I don't think this will be the same for you ,but without your machine's profile no way to know more.
  6. bruced

    bruced TS Rookie

    not a dell

    Sorry, mine is just a generic built. I'm trying to install the bios upgrade for this motherboard, but when I try to boot from the upgrade floppy, I just get "NTLDR is missing - press any key to restart" message. Not sure what to do now.
  7. Liquidlen

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    This sounds like you do not have a good boot floppy disk.Go here and get one , then add the bios update files you need.
    I am taking for granted that you have some experience with flashing your Bios, and that you have Backed up your machine.
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