Windows 2000 will not boot in any mode or from cd - No recovery console

By rachellynn88
Dec 22, 2009
  1. okay, this has been a VERY long process for my friend and I, and we're at the point we feel hopeless. we desperately need help.

    i dont really know all that would happen. i know the computer had some minor errors, but nothing too serious. it was just SLOW, probably spyware or something. im not too sure. [this is only my secondary computer, i dont really use it, my roommmate does.] i guess somebody had gotten on it and installed the disk of norton antivirus 2003. then she said some one got on and emptied the recycle bin, and it just crashed.

    First, the only bootable drive it would detect was the cdr. i went in and checked the cables etc etc. it recognized the hard drive. but it would not load it said something like 'system/config.ini' (i think) is missing or corrupt blah blah press R at the start menu to repair. and r at the start screen NEVER did anything. so i put the windows disk in to reinstall it, and it went through all the steps it brought up the os i could select to install but when it started black and loading all the drivers or whatever the screen turned blue and said it was shutting down due to a system registry error. and i get STUCK there. i have tried booting it in other modes and NO luck.

    can some one PLEASE HELP ME?!?!
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    if windows wont install from scratch then chances are their is a fault with the motherboard or one of its components, you need to download and use one of the many free test tools and run checks on both the motherboard and the hard drives to see if there is anything wrong
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