Windows 2003 SBS server pitifully slow

By Schling
May 25, 2011
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  1. Sorry for the second post. My first post got closed out for some reason. In response to Bobbye: my IT guy is at wits end. He can not find anything wrong with the server. He has been working on it for two weeks and it is only getting worse. He has given me a quote for a new server. I was hoping to get any other ideas out there as to what can be wrong. I thought that's what these forums were for. To repeat:

    My sbs server takes at least an hour to reboot. "Start" menu sometimes takes 10 - 15 seconds to pop up. All access to server is extremely slow causing time out errors on programs.

    Started 2 weeks ago. Don't know if this has anything to do with it, but, I started up Primavera (Scheduling/Contract manager program) and system slowed down. I thought it was just using too much memory so I shut it down. System didn't get any better. I have tried to uninstall program but it says it is missing a file and won't let me uninstall. Tried to re-install but says it can't read/write to a file and will not let me re-install.

    Since then, I have run McAffee several times. Uninstalled and re-installed and ran again. Ran Malware Bytes and only had one issue which has been removed. Subsequent scans come up negative. Tried loading and running TDSSKILLER but freezes at 80% of initilization. The system will not let me stop the process unless I re-boot. TDSSKILLER is using 50% of CPU.

    When not running TDSSKILLER, CPU is running less than 20%. Memory has 45% - 70% available. 364 GB free space on HDD.

    Windows Server 2003 / Small Business System - SP2
    Pentium D CPU 3.40GHz/3.40GHz
    3.37GB RAM

    My IT guy says the HDD and arrays seem to be running fine. Before we do a clean install, I need to know if anyone has seen this before and can help.
  2. Route44

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    Please give us a list of everything that your IT guy has done/you have done in bullet list format.
  3. Schling

    Schling TS Rookie Topic Starter

    • shut down Antigen
    • Shut all non critical services
    • Re-installed and run McAffee 2x
    • Intalled and run MalWare Bytes
    • Complete virus scan from McAffee
    • used HP tools to check hardware
    • Tried un-installing and re-installing Primavera - could not complete
    • Tried loading and running TDDSKiller - Would not initialize past 80%
    • Thinking it a memory problem, shut down Exchange to gain speed - worked a little
      Ran Kaspersky's Virus Utility - no issues

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