Windows 7-64 Ultimate: Outlook 2007 issues

By Mazrim
Jul 19, 2015
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  1. So this semester I am in a computer course that's using Office 2013. I need to work on the assignments from home sometimes, but the problem I had was that since I only had Office 2007, most of the features I was required to utilize weren't there. My professor showed me how to download Office 365 from our community college's website, and I did that. After installing, however, now every time I try to run Outlook, I get the message "This operating system is not configured to run this program", and then Outlook 2007 will crash.

    I tried to uninstall 365, but even that didn't fix the issue. I tried going into control panel > programs and features > Microsoft Office > right click > change > repair, and that resulted in the message "Microsoft Office did not configure successfully".

    I have important emails in Outlook 2007, and unless I can somehow get to them and copy/paste those to a file and import them maybe to a reinstall or a newer Outlook, I am up a creek.

    Any advice on fixing this?

    **EDIT**: After restarting the computer again, running Outlook now gives the following message: "There is no email program associated to perform the requested action. Please install an email program or, if one is already installed, create an association in the Default programs option in Control Panel."

    There's a few problems with this. First, attempting to set defaults in control panel doesn't work for some reason, since clicking on "select defaults for this program" gives me greyed out check boxes that I cannot un-check.

    I also tried to run diagnostics in the help option in Outlook, and funny thing is not only can it not resolve the problem (it identifies 1 problem in the memory diagnostic), but when you follow the suggested link to Microsoft's website, you get "Sorry the page you're looking for was not found".

    Feels like I've tried almost everything, so I hope someone sees something I haven't tried yet.
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