Windows 7 and ATI 4770 = blank screen

By Amadeus47
Sep 28, 2009
  1. There is a slight problem with my boots up to the point where I select the OS (Windows 7 is the only one) and once selected the typical moving green bar appears in the bottom center of the screen for a brief second then goes to a blank screen with a white moveable cursor. Safe mode also produces the same result, just a larger cursor...which tells me the OS is at least loading.

    The system boots to a c:>\ through the install CD allowing for options through the command line.

    Been through all the repair options including rebuilding the MBR. Never thought that was the problem but gave it a try just in case.

    What I really suspect is the ATI driver failed. It is v9.7 which was apparently not quite ready for prime time.

    Now the question is how do I disable it using the command line to allow for a generic Windows 7 driver to take over? Once I get into the system the driver can be upgraded to 9.9.

    Suggestions greatly appreciated.


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