Windows 7 drivers

By Mist
Jul 4, 2010
  1. Hey Techspot. I have just installed Windows 7 64 bit on my computer but when I insert my motherboard disk to install the drivers I get some sort of error telling me they only support 32bit. I managed to find my motherboard and there are some Windows 7 x64 drivers listed but I'm unsure which ones to install, I don't think I need Onboard VGA since I'm using a PCI-E graphics card. But what is the difference between Chipset-IDE, Chipset-SMU and Chipset-SMBUS? Any help here would be appreciated.

  2. fastco

    fastco TS Booster Posts: 1,123

    You can try SIW to try to narrow down what actual devices you have. SMBus and SMU are system management interfaces. Chipset-IDE controls the IDE devices like CD/DVD drives and hard-drives other than Sata. All Chipset drivers are important. As for the other drivers if SIW can't narrow down the exact devices that need drivers which it might not because the drivers are not installed then try each 64 bit driver, one at a time until you find the one that works. You can also try this software to identify unknown devices.
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