Windows 7 Family Pack to be yanked December 31?


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According to an Amazon product page, Microsoft's Windows 7 Home Premium Family Pack will only be available until Friday, December 31. The $125 bundle (down from $150) includes three Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade licenses -- that's less than $42 each, undoubtedly the best value for consumers to upgrade from Windows XP or Vista. By comparison, a single Windows 7 Home Premium upgrade license costs $110 on Amazon, while a full retail copy is $177.

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Wow, the digital crops must have failed this year leaving us with a world wide shortage of DVDs!
Out of stock my foot. Just another typically lame unimaginative Microsoft marketing tactic.

Hurry up everybody while supplies last!


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Why bother? Windows 8 will be out in a year. I'm sure the many still running XP will have no qualms about holding out till then.


XP is still the best. Getting\setting Network stuff post-XP is a pain in the bummerinsky - what a mess. And reliable low latency audio is nigh impossible. Trading functional for surface gloss is not in my Book of Smarts.

It's scary to think that my >9 year old XP OS can do pretty much everything faster, lighter and better than what MS has put out since. I can even make it look prettier with a bit of spit and polish.

Only thing it's missing is uhh....umm....can't think of a single thing. Oh wait, 64-bit support for more than 3GB usable memory. Oh wait, I forgot. I RARELY need more memory than that and VM makes up for it in the those precious few moments that I do.


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I can think of two big ones;
Windows 7 does some stuff well. Nothing comes to mind right now, but I'm sure there's something...
Windows 7 has made the 64 bit computing environment a practical reality for the PC. It has also simplified achieving true AHCI HDD operation, without the aggravation of a driver hunt and a floppy drive.


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xp will hold out for sometime, most games and softwares are layout in 64-bit versions. im also aware of that detected memory capacity issue.


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Yea wow thanks for locking it down to US shipments only, f-ing tools. Why can US customers get it at 125$ and Canada has to pay 292.60$, really last I checked the exchange wasn't THAT bad.

Honestly a really big fat F U Microsoft.