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By codewahn
Jan 19, 2012
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  1. rite, so im building a new computer and i need to buy windows 7 64bit, but i am a bit confused because apparently i can only use windows 7 serial key on one computer. i build computers instead of buying them, so the question is will i be able to use the same windows 7 serial key if i build a new computer/upgrade e.g HDD, CPU

    ive installed windows xp on a number of hard drives and computers at any one time using the same key, will this be the same as win7
  2. SNGX1275

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    You have been violating the license agreement then. Good fortune, I suppose, is what allowed you to get away with it.

    When you buy Win 7, you buy 1 copy (unless you buy a volume license, as businesses do), so no, you can't install it on more than 1. You can buy the Windows 7 Family pack, that allows you to install it on 3.
  3. codewahn

    codewahn TS Rookie Topic Starter

    this is just silly, cant see how its a violation or whatever when i want to install my brought retail copy of windows on a formatted HDD or a new or upgraded system lol
    so basically ms make some silly rule to try make you spend more money, its not like windows is cheap to start with >< its border line extortion.. so basically ill be able to do a fresh reinstall upgrade or w/e i want to my comp with the same key it just wont in micro soft's eyes be legal, even tho i paid for it lol

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