Windows 8 Windows 8.1 Stuck in Recovery Loop after Update


TS Member
This morning my dad was using his Packard Bell laptop not even 4 months old with barely anything on it but Microsoft Office. Whilst checking his emails, Windows Update automatically decided to restart to apply the latest updates and since then it starts up in the Windows 8.1 troubleshooting menu, where the recovery and full system restore options are, each tool requiring a password that when entered it gives me a message saying that the password is incorrect, I tried 4 different passwords about 3-4 times each, checked cap-locks and keyboard language, etc. When I bought it and set everything up on the first time boot, I entered a password which I remember every single letter of, once the laptop was all set up I removed the password right away since I didn't need it so in theory the laptop doesn't even have a password yet it still says it's incorrect, there's also a Forgot Password option that requires the laptop to restart for the password recovery menu, but once the laptop restarts it once again shows a little message saying that there's been an error with a big ":(" face at the top, then it restarts again and initiates the troubleshooting menu.

I'd prefer not to have to go on a 40 minutes drive to the store where I bought it just to have it taken by a technician for 2 weeks just so they can tell me at the end of it that they can't do nothing with it.

There's not really anything worth saving on the HDD so a full restore is is fine but I'd like to know what causes this for future reference.

Thanks in advance.