Windows 8 Release Preview leaked, Microsoft may raise OEM prices

By Matthew ยท 26 replies
May 29, 2012
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  1. In response to "hating the haters", I am sick and tired of every forum on Windows 8 degenerating into "I hate METRO" and "Where's my precious Start button".

    MS is not going to remove the ability to install ordinary apps any time soon and would think it highly unlikely that they would move to a full APP model (that is - paying a few quid for every sub-standard application out there).

    I am sure METRO will be locked for tablets and Phones because it has to be. PC's will always be a more flexible afair.

    I think METRO is a fantastic design step.
  2. So the TV and other devices in the house or office have a Power button should we now assume because it is old that it too should be put in a museum or is it that it serves as a functional means and there is no need to improve on what is already working..

    Seriously "Guest" who is obviously a MS fanboy or works for their marketing dept, can you not see that what will be windows 8 is just hogwash..

    I guess not, anyways keep spamming the msg board I am sure eventually the lemmings will follow you over the cliff.

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