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Apr 25, 2003
  1. my outher computer has 98se, 166mhz,32mb ram,5gb hard drive.I'd like to load 95 on this system but when I insert the cd it won't let me install 95,how can I do this?:confused:
  2. MYOB

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    the 95 CD is not bootable, you need to make a boot floppy with CD support. A Windows 98 SE boot floppy will do.

    you say you have a 5GB HDD. This will need to be split into at least three for Windows 95, unless its Windows 95 OSR2.5
  3. Sarge

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    Why the hell would anyone want to go back to Win95 from Win98SE? What, you enjoy crashing your OS so much that the prospect of that much more oportunity to be crashing has driven you to this? :)
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    Who cares about the support.. How about the terrible little things that happen in 95 like constant instability, poor bus mastering / multi tasking and it's just plain old. :) It's about as close to DOS as you are going to get, aside from Windows 3.1.

    You might argue 98 and 95 are the same thing except for sliding menus, but I beg to differ.
  6. tigger

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    MYOB, I have a 5gb hdd and I don't know how to split the drive,so on that windows 95 0SR2.5 sounds like its easier to install where do I get that? I downloaded the startup disk so far for 95.also this computer I'm trying 2 install 95 on is just something that I can learn how to do if I ever needed 2.:D
  7. Tarkus

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  8. tigger

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    seems like alot of reading I need to do just to put 95 on,I thought is was easy,since I don't know that much about doing this my 98se is running good,I'd like to thank everybody and have a good week.:)
  9. StormBringer

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    There are easier ways to partition drives, made to make it easier for those who aren't so techie oriented. Most HDD manufacturers offer a free drive installation utility, such as Maxtor's MaxBlast, which will help you format and partition the drive if you aren't comfortable using DOS commands. Using the DOS commands will help you to learn something useful, but the utility usually also includes a way to force the BIOS to recognise drives that may be too large for the age of the BIOS.
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