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Windows Booting goes into restart

By mMiniImManN
Jan 1, 2005
  1. Arg, please help me...
    My win 2003 goes into a contineous loop at startup, I did the safe mode, and the last 2 items it gets to is a347bus.sys and a346bus.sys.. The ones that say you can press escape to stop them loading.

    Here's my previous actions when it worked:
    Mozilla Firefox was not working after I updated some extensions, so I uninstalled it. Then, I used an app to clean up my tmp and other file space absorbers, and registry cleaner....

    Well, after I rebooted, no apps could be started, not even explorer.exe after I logged in :(. (Even in SafeMode). So, I poped in the setup disk, and did the search for files and repain them all. Now it completely stopped workin.

    I recently replaced the files the system cleaner removed via this OS that I'm on now, good thing it made a backup. So i tested it out and it still does the same thing.

    I looked in the registy backup it made, theres lots of enteries, and I cant restore them with the app since its from a dead OS, and it would take sever days to do it myself, provided i could get the exact data it removed...

    Anybody's suggestion to fixin this problem is very welcome, thanks in advance,

    Thought I'd add in, the app is System Mechanic 5a, and the registry part of the backup is in a zip compressed format, i decompressed the xml stuff, and used LoadHive to import my old registry entries into my current (as a different names in HKLM), so naturally, I edited the XML to fix it, thinking System Mechanic would fix it right then with no sweat. But of cource, after zipping it (its new size is 11.7kb was 11.6, XML orig size is 118kb, new is 120kb) the app didnt recognize it as a backup file.... So now i'm stuck again.
  2. mMiniImManN

    mMiniImManN TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 24

    thought this deserverved a reply......

    ok, well, i successfully added the missing reg data into the old registry, ither than the missing things from HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT, forget where that file is stored, that most likely isnt whats causing it to restart...

    Anyways, it means theres some dll files or somethin that went wrong?? or what could it be?

    Thanks again
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