Windows Citrix Server Registry Space Error

By EvilPeppard
Mar 29, 2006
  1. I am getting "Windows - Low on Registry Space" error message on my Citrix server consoles. It is happening to all servers at one time or another, usually once or twice per week.

    Servers are all dual processor with 2GB of RAM. I currently have the following settings on all the Citrix servers under the Performance Options\Virtual Memory settings:

    Page file: 3100MB/3100MB
    Maximum Registry Size: 1024MB

    The system reports:
    Total paging file size for all drives:
    Min allowed: 2MB
    Recommended: 3070MB
    Currently Allocated: 3100MB

    Registry Size:
    Current Registry Size: 56MB
    Maximum Registry Size (MB): 1024MB

    Anyone have links or info as to what the actual values should be set to?

    This Registry Space warning occurs almost daily. It is driving me crazy. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated. :dead:
  2. ckyjason

    ckyjason TS Rookie

    Solving registry size in win server 2000 enviornment

    Hi buddy,

    It's a common problem when you are running citrix in win server 2000 enviornment. It occur only when you patch your citrix server to citrix sp4 and this problem will happen.

    You can try to go to the control panel --> system -->select advance tab then select the virtual memory.

    Right at the bottom of the opened window you can see the registry size. Enter the amount of size that you want to increase then apply and OK.

    Note: you need to restart the server to let this modification to kick into the server.

    I'm currently running win server 2000 with Citrix Metaframe xp presentation server. I also ran into this problem when i tried to upgrade my citrix sp 2 --> sp4.
  3. EvilPeppard

    EvilPeppard TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 36

    Thanks for the reply.

    I've made the adjustments, as listed in my original post.

    Do you have any Windows 2003 servers running Citrix? I presume you are saying the problem doesn't exist on W2K3 servers with Citrix?
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