Windows crashes without even a BSOD and there are no mini dumps

By koelkommer
Apr 11, 2011
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  1. I have a Shuttle SN68SG2 with 4GB of RAM and a AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200+ Socket AM2 2.7GHz Energy Efficient L2 1MB main processor and loaded with XP proffessional. The pc worked quite well for the last 3 years barring a lit issue with booting up in the morning which seems to come from the power supply. Lately the PC has become unusable as it crashes frequently without even a sign of problem no BSOD and it dies stone dead and does not reboot until I press the big button. I have tried all the items I can think of as well as the items given in the forums these include cleaning the debris, all the latest drivers defrag changing the page file checking the ram. The PC will run continuously in safe mode without any problems and it does not record any minidumps when it dies. I suspect the power supply does anybody have any other ideas?
  2. Route44

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    For clarification: Does it Blue Screen or not when it crashes? If it does Blue Screen what OS are you running?

    Second, since you are able to run in Safe Mode we are most likely looking at either driver issues or a possibility of infection.
  3. koelkommer

    koelkommer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    No Blue Screen just dies. I am running XP Pro and the PC is and always has been up to date. I also have installed all the latest drivers from Shuttle and any driver updates that microsoft say are correct. I also have an active AVG anti-virus
  4. Route44

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    Disable AVG and tell us if stability returns.

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