Windows Defender Offline effectively clears Rootkits

By bobcat
Apr 19, 2012
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  1. Microsoft’s new Windows Defender Offline is just out of beta version. It’s reported to be a top rootkit-sniffing and Windows-rehabilitation tool.

    Because of the way it works offline, WDO is able to catch a wide variety of nasties that evade detection by more traditional antivirus methods.

    Although the name’s been around for years, don’t confuse this new version of WDO with previous incarnations — it’s a whole new animal and helps PC users in two very different situations:

    1. Windows won’t boot: You can boot your machine with a WDO CD/DVD or USB drive, and WDO will perform a detailed malware scan.

    2. You suspect you have a rootkit: WDO can scan your system and remove many different kinds of rootkits.

    WDO doesn’t depend for its operation on the Windows OS installed on your computer. It’s completely self-contained — boot the afflicted PC from a WDO CD, DVD or USB drive, and the tool examines the system without any interference from the installed copy of Windows. This is critical for finding rootkits, which are very good at hiding on your system and can remain undetectable by other tools while the system is running.

    Download size is a hefty 750 KB, but which can be burned on a bootable CD. Of course the program is free from MS. Make sure you get the right version for your system.

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