Windows fails to load (insert startup disc?)

By pshepp
Sep 26, 2008
  1. hi, im new to this so please can some one help me.
    I have recently got a new computer
    amd 6000+ processor + heat sink + fan with 4gb ram and 200gb hd with 512 nvidia
    9800gt graphic card. All was working fine until about 2 weeks later when sudenly it just switches off. normally it would load back up but somtimes it will display startup failed insert startup disc. but now its switched off and will not load at all (same error message on startup) i was thinking about getting a new hd (200gb one is 5+ years old) and re installing windows on the new one therefor saving all the files and games on my old hd and still being able to run games off of it b ut havin a new os installed on a new hd?? will this work??? any ideas welcome! please help as i need this for both work and call of duty 4 purposes :D thank you in advance.
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    "(same error message on startup)"

    What would that message be? insert startup disc ?

    It is likely that your HD is kaput.

    Installing a new HD (with that old one disconnected) and re-installing the OS will then allow you to try and 'slave' your old HD and get the data off of it.
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