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Jun 13, 2006
  1. Am trying to install windows in a PC with Celeron 2.53 GHz and 256 MB of DDR Memory. EVerthing is fine, until the PC has to reboot to start the Installation process (the one where it shows how much time is left to finish the installation) The only thing i can see is a clear blue screen with the mouse pointer in it( not screen of death).Am thinking is the video card that is not able to show that kind of graphics.I tested everything and all is ok.No one can tell me what to do to resolve this issue.Can anyone help? Thanks
  2. vidkid1

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    video card

    What type is it?
  3. Tedster

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    what did you test?
    Do you have inegrated video?

    Also your system is short on memory. I wouldn't run XP with less than 512mb... it will run terribly slow.
  4. gilbert65

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    Stil canot fix the problem

    This PC has a MS-6577 motherboard and the CPU,is a Celeron 2.53 GHZ.This PC is made by HP.It has 256 MB of DDR memory.The memory should be enough to install windows XP, even if it is slow.It has Integrated Video with 8 MB memory.It is not the hard drive,because I tested the hardrives and they are fine. I think that it could be a Video card problem but not sure. I have not tested another video card yet.Some techs are saying that there is a problem with the Processor.The weird thing is that if I use an older version of Windows XP,it shows the installation screen but it takes forever to install and it also freezes at times.Another thing is that i don,t have the Cd Key for that CD.As soon as i try a Windoxs Xp version with either SP1 or SP2,it doesn't go to the installation screen.It boots from the CD,It formats the Drive, it copies the files, and it reboots,but as soon as it goes to the installation screen,it just shows a sky blue screen and the mouse pointer, which is kinda Jumpy.It just stays like that forever. Am about to give up on it,i dont know anymore what is the problem. Thanks
  5. Tedster

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    is onboard video turned off?

    Have you tested the memory with memtest 86+ for at least 7 passes?
  6. gilbert65

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    xp installation

    The onboard video is on,because that is the video card am using. I have not tested the Memory yet.It copies all the xp files and then it reboots.After reboot it supposed to go to the installation screen where it shows the progres and time left to finish installation, but instead, it just shows an aqua screen with mouse pointer.
  7. Tedster

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    The problem may be that your drivers are not up to date. Did the computer come with a customized XP CD? Most computers like yours that are low-end do. Such a disk will install onboard drivers before installing windows. Also ensure your BIOS is up to date. I would turn off onboard video and sound and add a graphics card, low-end sound card and 256mb more memory. It's cheap it could save you some headaches.
  8. gilbert65

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    Thanks! i will try that.I will try to find the original cd that came with the pc.I have discovered that if i use a windows xp Cd without SP1 or SP2,( the first XP version) it actually finishes the install.I guess the drivers only work with the original CD that came with the pc.The bios was updated in 2004.
  9. gilbert65

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    xp installation problems

    I managed to install windows 2000 on this machine.I guess it only works with the original Cd or any version of windows xp, whithout SP1 or SP2. Problem solved
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