Windows is not reading Western Digital external hard disk

  1. I have a western digital 1 tb hard disk. which was working fine few hours ago.
    but now when I am connecting it it is not showing in my computer.
    I am using a windows 7 X64 machine.
    I have tried every thing.
    when I uninstall the driver from device manager and connect it again, windows tries to
    install the driver but fails every time.

    I have lot of important data on the drive
    Plzzzz Helppp
  2. Prabhat Ranjan

    Prabhat Ranjan TS Rookie Topic Starter

  3. LookinAround

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    It looks like you have a corrupt Windows driver. So problem seems to be with your computer, not your external drive. That said, try running System File Checker

    If you connect your drive to a different computer, I think all your data still there

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