Windows Live Mail E-mail Client - Are the Files Lost?

By BGPhilbin
Jul 18, 2014
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  1. Okay, so a few years back, I "upgraded" to Windows Live Mail because support for Outlook Express was gone by the wayside. This was using Windows XP, and I still have the original hard drive & access to all of its files.

    In making the transition at the time, I backed up my active Outlook Express files to import into WLM should something go wrong with the native importing (or, should the process erase the original files or some other ridiculousness).

    What I didn't do was make copies of my old, archived email.

    When the application turned out to be a huge mistake, I learned that the files from Outlook Express had been taken over by WLM and were no longer accessible from OE. I attempted to transition the archived E-mail from WLM to another client. No luck.

    Also, attempting to find out from someone where the files from Windows Live Mail resided (or what format they were in) at the time resulted in absolutely no luck, either.

    It's years later, and I still find use a couple times a month for the information I'd had archived there.

    Is there anyone here who can help me? Or is this an absolutely lost cause?

    Sincerely frustrated,

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    *IF* you can locate the *.EML files, then usually you can just dbl-click on them and read/reply normally. If WLM will not do that, then try Thunderbird from Mozilla - - it does.

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