Windows media player 99% cpu usage??? HELP

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Mar 6, 2006
  1. (First I needed a new thread) Why is this happing? I never really did anthing for this to happen. I tried Anti-viruses scans, AD-AwareSE and other stuff. I would listen to 1 or 2 songs and then the player would just go up to 89 to 99 percent usage. It would take forever to change/stop songs. I have no I Idea what HiJackThis is or how to use it. Is there any other sugestions, because I have a FALL BACK plan and it is what it says ... FALL BACK ... reformatt xp. If you need any other Information just ask.
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    Two things WMP used to run about 7 - 22% cpu before. Second, I can't re-install it if i can't remove it as it is not in add/remove programs.
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    Something I found on a separate forum that may apply... I was experiencing the same problem with WMP for a bit... it was using 70-99% CPU, regardless of whether I was running any other programs, stuttering, freezing, the "whole 9". I read on another post that a gent found a file that WMP wasn't able to read, but it was in his library, and upon deleting that the CPU returned to normal. I cleared out my library and ran a search for media (which is a pain, given I have around 40gb of just music,) and noticed that the search froze when trying to add a video file that hadn't completely downloaded. I deleted it, and !voila!... problem fixed. CPU Usage is back anywhere from 8-30% with no problems in the audio anymore. I posted the link to the other forum, but I thought this may help. I don't know if it would do the same with a corrupt audio file, but the video definitely seems to have an effect.

    Here's the other post.
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