Windows Media Player Meltdown

By needhelpinnz
Nov 10, 2008
  1. In the last hour, just as I was getting ready for bed, WMP went nuts. Lots of my songs, when I click them to be played, play other songs that are in my library. It doesn't show a broken link next to it, such as when the file cannot be found. And when I try to "Open File Location" it takes me right to the correct file that should be played. But if I try to open that file, it will play, just with the tag info for a different song. The only similarity I have found is that all of them are rated 5 stars. The only thing I can suspect is that an ipod plugin for windows media player caused this. However, I have been using the plugin for the last week without any issues, so I find it weird that after uploading 10 songs tonight, it would cause issues.

    Example: I now have two listings for 3 Doors Down song Be Like That. One is the correct one. The other plays Behind Blue Eyes by The Who. Only problem is that the tag info in WMP displays all the tag info for 3DD. Even checking the properties of the file in question comes back with all the tag info for 3DD.

    Anybody have any ideas either what the problem is or how I can get my old info back?!
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