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Windows product activation

By deseraligears
Oct 9, 2009
  1. hi:

    When I got my laptop back from myy employer who lent to a new users
    ebry time I log on I get the above "this copy of windows must be activated with microfot
    before you can log on do you want to activate?

    if you click yes the windows screen comes on and it says that windows is already activated and than goes back to log on! If you say no it shuts down.

    when it goes back to log on it starts again so I cannot log on?

    Any ideas? THanks
  2. uzorp

    uzorp TS Rookie

    there is probarbly a problem with the OS.
    try this, get the windows OS Cd, it is important that the you run the repair with exactly the same OS.now booth up your systems from the cd, allow it to load up, chose to install windows, it will check for previous version already installed on the system and give you an option for repair, chose to repair and allow the repair to finish, when the systems restarts, don't touch any thing just allow it to continue set-up, when the user input interface comes up for you to enter the windows product key, enter exactly the same key as on your laptop. you will find it on a sticker under your laptop, if it is pre-installed or on the cd pack, enter, fill all other information and then allow the set-up process to finish. your systems restarts and it loads up normally. this should solve your problem.
    let me know if any thing else occurs.
  3. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 6,908   +10

    That is R for Repair, not R for Repair Console. R for Repair, follows the screen for R For Repair Console.
    Alternately, you can talk to Microsoft. The office for disk issues is in Canada. They are very nice and very helpful.
    But if your Windows Disk was provided by the manufacturer of the computer, you will need to contact that manufacturer. Luckily, the replacement disk is free, or very low cost... Sometimes HP, Sony, and eMachines will charge a fee that includes shipping... it is always under $30 in our experience.
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