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By b2bomber81
Aug 17, 2003
  1. Kind of a peculiar question probably... I want to restore all my icons in the Programs folder to the default order and organization that they were BEFORE I started screwing around with them. I got bored one day and thought it would be cool to sort all the icons into "logical" folders. Like all the Utilities, Multimedia, Web Editing, Games, Office Apps, etc. Well, now I can't find hardly any of the Windows Software - for example, if Tech Support says "Go to Accessories and click on...." that icon probably won't be in Accessories. Probably in one of my stupid folders I made!

    My question is this - if I do a reinstallation of Win XP, without uninstalling, will it reset all those folders or am I looking at probably needing to do a new install of Win XP to clean these up?

  2. Justin

    Justin TS Rookie Posts: 942

    If you do a "repair" install (not a reinstall over an old install or a format/install), then the original start menu items for XP built in software will be restored, but your "modified" start menu entries will all still be there.

    However, that is a pretty sloppy and time consuming method.. the better way would be to just fix them yourself. I find it easier to organize the start menu by viewing it with explorer rather then dragging/dropping in the start menu.

    You should set them back to where they were yourself if you wish it.

    Right-click the start menu and click EXPLORE to open your accounts start menu...

    The menu items that are for ALL accounts will be found in, by default, C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu
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