Windows Security strikes again

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May 12, 2010
  1. I have tried to download a docx file attached to an email which I received. Each time I try I get a balloon telling me that my security settings don't allow the file to be downloaded, but, of course, they don't tell me what setting is incorrect. Can anyone help me with this?
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    You didn't say what you used for e-mail, If you are using some Outlook 2007 you must click on Trust List in the email itself, and add them as a safe sender. You may also need to look at Tools\trust center in Outlook itself.
    If you are using Windows mail, you shouldn't.
  3. atyfreed

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    Thanks for the response. I am using Explorer but I can't find the version. The computer is relatively new, so I think it is 7. Someone suggested that I use the recovery utility to put myself back to a place where I didn't have this problem. I am not too worried about losing anything so I am inclined to try this. What do you think?
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    If you mean System Restore, it won't get rid of documents you have saved so it is safe in that respect. You can also undo a system restore if you don't like the results.

    You can find the version of Internet Explorer or most other programs by clicking on Help and on the drop down menu click on About Internet Explorer or About [program name].
  5. pjamme

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    What program do you use to read your email with?
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