windows shut down?

By scyap
Jan 2, 2006
  1. my computer takes a long time to shut down

    there is a red light in front of my CPU
    and it lights UP when my computer is BUSY

    when i shut down, it will show
    Logging Off > Saving your Settings Windows is Shutting Down

    when the Windows is Shutting Down screen appears, the red light lights UP FOR FEW SECONDS, then it will go off...

    then about 10~20 seconds later, it lights up for about 3 seconds and the PC shuts down...

    so... the whole shut down process is AS LONG AS starting up the PC !

    is there a way to make my shut down faster?

    my specs are :
    2.8 ghz
    pentium 4 Windows Xp pro
    512 mb ram
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