Windows SP Pro not recognizing HDD size.

By Xythoces
Oct 28, 2007
  1. I posted about this once before, but it just disappeared...
    Neway. I recently built a new computer, and now, even after updating XP to SP2, it still treats my 500GB SATA Samsung drive as 137GB. I've installed XP on it's own 20GB partition, updated, and created another partition (It still showed the max size as 111GB, so that's what I made). I have a new Abit Fatal1ty FP-In9, so I doubt that it's the Mobo limiting it, I saw on the net that SP0 limits it, but upgrading is supposed to fix it... I'm stumped.

    O, also, Cmos detected it as 500GB, and under MSinfo, it also shows it as 460GiB... SO... shouldn't I be able to partition the whole 400GB?
  2. Xythoces

    Xythoces TS Member Topic Starter Posts: 27


    Messed around with Diskpart :D

    Select disk 0 (the only one)
    select volume 2 (the one I created to hold programs, not the one for OS)
    extend :)D extended successfully to utilize all available HDD space :D)

    :D :D
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