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Windows Update caused BSOD on boot

By Mario1776
Aug 8, 2007
  1. I have been trying to update a clean installation of Windows XP Home on an old, old, incredibly old HP Vectra (it still has a "Designed for Windows 95" sticker on it). I am able to activate the installation and install Windows Genuine Advantage. The next time going through Windows Update and selecting Express it lists about 77 updates that need to be installed, most of them security updates. After all of the updates have installed Windows says it needs to be restarted. On the next startup a Blue Screen (image attached) was displayed and then the computer restarted. Since the Blue Screen was displayed I have tried starting "Safe Mode", "Last Known Good Configuration" and "Start Windows Normally" but they all get the blue screen. The partition the installation was on is 8GBs, and before Microsoft's killer updates the installation was less than 2GBs so it shouldn't be a matter of space. I reckon that the BIOS might need to be updated, but I haven't had much luck finding updates or info about how to do the BIOS update.

    The PC's BIOS info is:
    PhoenixBios 4.0 Release 6.0.C
    HP VectraHH.01.05US

    I know it is an old computer but XP does work on it (till MS updates it to death) so I'm hoping that someone can tell me how to resolve the blue screen.

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  2. Mario1776

    Mario1776 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Clarification & Resolution

    After a process of trial and error that lasted two days I managed to eliminate 77 (out of 78) of the high priority updates and finally found the one update that was causing the blue screen.

    Update for Windows XP (KB936357)

    After Googling the update I found the link below which seems to detail how to resolve the blue screen caused by KB936357, but I am not going to install it to just to test the resolution.

    Thanks to the appx. 30 people who looked at my question.
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