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Jan 12, 2004
  1. I have a fresh install of Windows Server 2003 Standard Edition.
    When I goto Windows updated I get the error:

    Windows Update Error

    Windows Update has encountered an error and cannot display the requested page.

    Select from any of the following pages for information about Windows Update services, or send us your feedback.

    Windows Update Home Page
    About Windows Update
    Support Information

    You can also get online support if you are having problems with Windows Update.

    Send error number to Microsoft (0x800A138F)
    Note This sends error information but does not create a support incident; you may or may not receive a response.


    Is this a serial problem?

    Any advise would be nice. Thanks!
  2. LNCPapa

    LNCPapa TS Special Forces Posts: 4,263   +453

    Is it a legit copy with a legit/valid serial? If not then it probably is a serial problem. Doubt you're gonna find a workaround - and if you do I doubt you'll find it here.
  3. Steverz

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  4. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter

    Thanks for the replys....

    Sorry i didnt check back sooner, been out of town.

    I'm going to the link now. I will post results.

  5. dreck

    dreck Topic Starter

    Thanks Steverz,

    The links were great. It ended up being something very simple.
    I had updated my bios & the time was off. :)
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