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Jan 26, 2006
  1. Hi All...

    I recently had to do a complete restore on my laptop, and "Brigning it back to 2003 " has resulted in almost 3 years worth of windows XP updates... Of course I have no choice in the matter, and it is painfully slow, basically parlalyzing my system... I could barely get to this webpage.... Also, I'm on 56k, which can disconnect when you leave the room, thus eliminating any update I had... To give you an idea, It's at 10% now, and It's been 3 hours... Any ideas? Thanks...
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  3. dude377

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    Thanks, I'll just have to keep trying to download it...
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    I ordered SP2 On CD.It took about 2 weeks to get here(U.K).If your in the U.S,it should be even quicker(in theory).270MB on dial-up is a lifetime project.You must have a friend with dsl/cable who could help you,
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    If you have a best buy near you befriend one of the techs. They should have high speed internet to hook you up. Hell i would hook you up if i could..
    I could mail you a copy of it and the other updates...just need to know what all the knowledge based ones are..
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    OK how do I post a question?

    Why not start with your first post today and become an active part of TechSpot OpenBoards now!

    OK.... how?
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    Go to the forum whose subject most closely matches the question you wish to ask and find the "New Thread" button near the top left of the page. Click on it and rest should be obvious.
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