[Windows Vista] Stuck at boot screen.

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Apr 12, 2008
  1. I have Windows Vista Ultimate and I wanted to partition the hard drive to install Windows XP. When I went to the XP instalation I realized I couldn't partition without formatting the disk, so I said well I'll just stay with Vista. But when the computer restarted it said "Error loading operative system" so I tried to install windows XP in a new Windows Folder called "WINDOWSS" So I can keep my Vista files (VERY IMPORTANT) in the normal "WINDOWS" folder.
    Well the XP installation began (Just the BIOS part) copying files and then it rebooted, since that reboot I'm stuck at the Black boot screen (The mother board company one) If I press F8 it says its loading the boot screen selection but it doesn't and if I press delete it says it's going to the BIOS menu, but it doesn't either. CTRL+ALT+DEL does restart the PC but it won't pass the boot screen.

    Help please! =(
  2. Matthew

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    Mind elaborating on that please?

    I would suggest that if you've altered any BIOS configurations, set your BIOS to the factory default settings.

    Then, view your HDD from an outside source such as Knoppix or attach the HDD to another PC and see if you can retrieve your important data.

    After you've got everything you need, if you want to install Windows XP, make sure that the manufacturer provides drivers for XP, or that you can find drivers elsewhere. Boot off your OS CD and delete all partitions. Create a new partition and reinstall the OS in entirety.
  3. starchest

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    Ok let me explain, when I was going to install windows xp selecting the option of NOT formating the disk it said WINDOWS folder already exists (Vista is using it) so I needed to create another folder for XP so I typed "WINDOWSS" then it rebooted now it doesn't start. I can't touch the BIOS because I can't get past that screen. If I press DEL (For bios menu) it says its going to open but it doesnt. Same for F8. I do not have another PC to test the hard drive nor I know how to do it O.o.


    I only have my laptop.
  4. Matthew

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    Eh sorry, I'm not sure what it is that you've done. Maybe someone else will have a suggestion for you.
  5. starchest

    starchest TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Aww =( well, thanks anyways.
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