Windows XP and Partition Magic

By sdculp
Jan 6, 2006
  1. For several years I have used Partition Magic as my primary backup tool for Windows 95/98/Me. I use the copy-paste-rename-hide technique to backup the OS to a second hard drive. I keep several backup copies, depending on the usage of each. Then, when I want to recover or restore a system I use the delete-copy-paste technique. This enables me to try different software without risk of disaster or to set up different OS’es for different purposes.

    Now that I have a Windows XP home SP2 system will I be able to use the same methods?

    Stuart Culp
  2. DragonFury

    DragonFury TS Rookie Posts: 63

    i dont care for partition magic . you can set up partitions and the likes on the startup discs for windows or Linux ( now they cant do it on a installed os ) but it is better . yes windows xp can partition the drive , no it cant do it while in a os ( while in windows ) this is done thru the setup portion of windows ... Only set up multiple partitions if it is absolute nessisity ( where u are only using 1 drive and no way of getting a second Hdd ) if you can afford it go with 2 drives , 1 being os and programs being the smallest say 40 - 80 gigs and a backup of 120 + gigs . if you need to organize the larger drive do so with folders / directories . as this will extend the life of the drive and optimize its performance ...
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