Windows XP: Cant be able to Defragment the Drive

By it4_saravana ยท 7 replies
Mar 10, 2008
  1. I cant be able to Defragment my drive as im having three drive in which C drive is having 13% free space which is less than 15% but my other drive is more than 19% free space which is also not defragmenting it is showing Defragment can not start, please help me.
  2. Matthew

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    Either move some of your data to another storage device, delete it, or try a third party defragmenter such as these.

    What is the exact error message given for the drive with 19% free capacity?

    Try testing your drive(s) with chkdsk and/or the utility provided by your HDD manufacturer.
  3. kimsland

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    Or use CCleaner to clean out as much as possible.

    I've seen gigs recovered using this tool.

    Sorry just thought I'd throw that in.
    I'll go now :)

    See-you tomorrow some time, must sign off fo awhile
  4. Matthew

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    Why are you sorry for suggesting a great utility? :)

    The party is just starting, you can't leave yet!
  5. it4_saravana

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    no i dont want to use any third party tool, as i heard that hybernation option should be disabled but after disabled also its not working its showing that Disk Defragmenter Cannot Start
  6. Matthew

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    If you aren't going to use any third party tools then good luck...
  7. LookinAround

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    There are a number of very good 3rd party tools that we can recommend with confidence as we know them well. On the other hand, it's your computer to do with and use the tools of your own choice. But understand assistance (from anyone/anywhere) is very limited and more difficult if you don't want any 3rd party tools.

    That said, let me suggest.
    • Use chkdsk (from Microsoft) to verify the integrity of your hard drive. Hard drive problems can cause a defragger not to run or fail
    • Use XP Disk Cleanup (from Microsoft) although it's not nearly as usefull as CCleaner.

    And it's good to be cautious. But you should consider 3rd party tool recommendations from a forum/group/people you can learn to trust. But you don't have to trust them 100%. Go do your own web searches on the tools that are recommended to see if they are anything other than what you're being told.
  8. kimsland

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