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Mar 23, 2002
  1. I have windows xp pro
    Amd 1800+
    K7T266 Pro MS 6380
    1.53 gigs of ram

    I been with xp Pro for about week and a half. The problem I have is it dont like anything over 1 gig of ram. It will run. But it runs unstable and games Will not run right Saying No Vurtual Memory and it shows (-1500mb vurtual memery.) I played aroudn with the setting in the control panel. Windows run more stable but its still not right.

    And one other problem is I have one of the newer Ati TV cards and windows xp dont like it so I have 3 OS on my system. Win xp Pro, Win 98 and Lunux
  2. svtcobra

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    Im almost wondering if you may have some bad memory...I found this great tool over at Mushkin's website that will test your ram in DOS mode so there wont be any windows programs making use of the memory while it is being tested. Check it out here:

    read the instructions for it..It recommends running it two or three times to make sure all possible errors are found. One thing about it is that it takes a long time to run. With 512mb it took me one hour per test and I ran it 3 times. With 1.5 you should expect 3 tests to take close to 9 hours so I would just run it and then go to bed. It will run continuously over and over again till you stop it.
  3. AtolSammeek

    AtolSammeek TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hay thanks LOL my memory is from Muskin Hum it look like it take 3 hours for mine.
  4. SuperCheetah

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    This is an earlier post from Rick on a similar situation:

    I know it doesn't apply to XP, but some of this info might help ;)

    Also, what programs are you running a. when not gaming and b. when gaming.

    With that much ram I would disable the virtual memory cache in the setting of XP because you really don't need it. I've done this with only 512MB of ram and gotten a performance increase!!!

    I find it strange that your ATI card is having problems with XP. Exactly what model is it? And have you installed the latest drivers and whatnot with it? Could you elaborate on the problems you've been having, like what kind of error messages are you getting, etc.
  5. AtolSammeek

    AtolSammeek TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Ok the video card I have is gf3 ti 500. And the info you have for win 98 will help with my Three OS system 98/xp/Linux.
  6. SuperCheetah

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    Maybe your having driver issues with your GeForce3 TI 500. Have you tried installing different drivers and seeing what kind of results you get. Also, try reinstalling the graphics card entirely if new drivers don't help. Reinstalling may eliminate some unforseen problem you had before.
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