Windows XP Media Center Edition question.

By Lunatic
Feb 10, 2006
  1. Anyone use Windows XP Media Center Edition (MCE)?
    Im going to be getting a laptop with either MCE on it or XP Home.
    I just want to know what Windows XP Media Center Edition is exactly. Ive two heard different things from people.

    One says its only a media center and cant be used for anything else.
    The other says its XP Pro with a few extra programs, all in one program, and can be turned off and used as regular XP.
    One says it can be removed and you'll be left with Windows XP Pro.
    The other says Windows XP Media Center Edition is the operating system and cant be uninstalled.

    I tried going to microsoft, but it only explains what Windows XP MCE can do.

    If it is just extra stuff on XP Pro, then why does it cost more to upgrade to plain XP Pro then it does to upgrade to XP MCE?
  2. MistaRip

    MistaRip TS Rookie

    it's xp pro with extra programs.

    it's definitely better than xp home. so go with mce
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