Windows XP PRO vs. Windows XP HOME

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Nov 15, 2005
  1. Ok, so I have both of these OS and I want to know if PRO is worth installing over HOME. I noticed that when I install HOME edition, my pc runs slower and it takes some time to process commands. I installed Server 2003 Enterprise on this same computer and it runs A LOT faster than Home. I don't like Server 2003 so my question is, IS PRO faster than Home? Thanks in advance... :approve:
  2. spartanslayer

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    I think pro is faster than home (I have pro) and there are a host of advantages to using pro. If you have both, definately install pro. You will have better internet security for one.
  3. Spike

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    As far as I can tell, Pro isn't really any faster than home.

    However, Home is simply a cut down version of pro, and so if you have both and wish to install one of them, then most definately go with Pro.
  4. RJ831

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    ^Well I already have Home installed (w/updates) so I'm not sure whether or not it's worth it to reformat with Pro...IF Pro is significantly faster, then I'll definitely make the switch. Is solely having better security worth the reformat? Thanks!
  5. spartanslayer

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    Yes. When I had both operating systems, I liked Pro much better. The security is better, and I think Pro was faster. If you have it install it. Actually, upgrade Home to Pro and you won't loose any files. Instead of clicking New Installation, click Upgrade.
  6. RJ831

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    Oh wow I didn't know you could do a Windows upgrade! This is what I'll do, thanks!
  7. Didou

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    How so ? Most extra features pro brings to the table are completely useless for a normal user. I have used both on different machines & the only thing I could see pro having over the home edition is the ability to remember passwords for shared network drives.
  8. spartanslayer

    spartanslayer TS Rookie Posts: 394

  9. RJ831

    RJ831 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 77

    ^Good find...that definitely helped, thanks again!
  10. Rick

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    Pro is identical to Home in almost every aspect except for administrative & security configurability.

    Pro is faster than Home? - Absolutely false!

    Home Edition doesn't include "advanced" networking features such as domain logging, does not include remote assistance, doesn't let you tinker with user rights/privelages (aside from hacking it) and some more stuff that many people won't care about. For these reasons, XP Professional may be more secure, but the OS itself is identical to Home edition.

    Should you format and reinstall Pro? If you are a power user, you may appreciate the extra options in the MMC and the extra control Pro gives you over security/utiilty. But all in all, not many people are going to notice the difference.
  11. Samstoned

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    XP pro .dude or downgrade back to Windows 2000 pro
    home sucks
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