Windows XP Running slow.. No desktop toolbar or internet connection.

By Beazyinva
Oct 30, 2007
  1. Where to start.

    Today err rather yesterday (work night shift my days are mixed up) I attempted to install a Program called "Magic Iso" during the install it froze about a third of the way through. It froze the rest of the programs I had running as well. So I attempted to close out all but to no avail. Then I decided to restart the computer, Which everything seemed fine during start-up expect the fact that it took longer than usual to get to the Windows User login screen. I finally got to sign in and get to the desktop, to see my blue desktop tool bar (with the start button) was now a gray color I also did not have a connection to the internet (Cable internet which was working fine before the install froze). Not thinking much of it I unplugged the cable modem and restarted the computer. It still took long to get to the windows user login I managed to get on, but this time I had no desktop toolbar and pressing the window key on the keyboard didn’t bring up my start menu. I am lost any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Rik

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    Hi Beazyinva and welcome to [​IMG].:wave:

    If you have a windows cd and can get to the command prompt or run command, type sfc/ scannow. That may help.
  3. Beazyinva

    Beazyinva TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you rik

    I'm still searching for my windows cd, But im not able to get to the run command. Is there any other way to go about this?
  4. God Of Mana

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    Well, You can hope and pray your computer has autoplay.
    That is if it regesters as a device with removable storage.
    You should be able to acess your D:/ From "My computer"On your desktop.

    I believe the key componet to your computer being so "screwed up" (pardon my language) is that magic ISO*cough*Infected*cough*
    Are you sure you got it from the correct, officicial site?
    Use a virus can on anything you download, for the sake of us all, use a virus scan.
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