windows xp sp2 firewall - how to kill it?

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hey all!

i did sp2 patch on my windows xp and it installed that ******* firewall. I already disabled it (and the service too) but it still being loaded on system startup. This issue is really annoying me!!!

Please, how do i permanetly disable/uninstall that monster?

thanks a lot!


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i think within control panel you can disable the firewall and the virusscanner.
Check it, ik think there will be a new icon (something with a shield??)


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Disabling the Windows Firewall can be done via winnt.sif, add the following entries anywhere in winnt.sif:

Profiles = WindowsFirewall.TurnOffFirewall

Mode = 0

If you want to leave the Windows Firewall enabled but also want to preset the settings, check ref.chm under Unattended.txt > [WindowsFirewall] for more information as it is too large to cover here.
Hope this helps.
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