Windows XP sp3 BSOD at startup

By bobani
Feb 16, 2010
  1. Yesterday i tried changing my antivirus program from mcafee 2008 to kaspersky 2010, kaspersky promted me to uninstall mcafee, wich i did, and when i tried rebooting the computer i got a BSOD, telling me that something gone wrong, and that i should try rebooting again, which i did..

    When i rebootet i got thrown in to the "F8" menu, where i can choose diffrent startup options "safe mode.." and so on... the only problem is that the keyboard isn't functioning, so when the time runs out, it starts in normal mode, and i get the BSOD again...

    the wierd part is that the "F8" and "F12" works, but the arrows doesn't, so i can bring up the menus, but i can't make selections...

    i have tried other kayboards, i have tried diffrent usb-ports and also with a ps/2 adapter...

    i have also tried clearing the bios by unplugging the batteries. nothing works....

    i really need some help!

    im also thinking about buying a new harddrive to make a clean windows installation on it, but a guy at another forum told me that might not work, and i don't want to buy a new harddrive if im not SURE it will work..

    any tips?
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