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Windows XP sp3 reboot loop

By weisle1
Jan 12, 2009
  1. I just upgraded my Mobo, ram, CPU and Hard drive.

    I am running an AMD Athlon64 2x 6000+ on a Biostar TF8200 mobo w/ the Nvidia Gforce 8200 GPU built into the Mobo with a Segate 500Gb SATA hard drive using 2gb (1gbx2) 1066 ram.

    I tried to install XP Pro w/o the service pack but the Mobo doesn't support it.
    So I am trying to install Windows XP Pro with sp3 slip streamed into it. After getting the hard drive formated and the initial install files installed the computer restarts into the GUI install environment for about 10 seconds then restarts into a reboot loop sometimes I get back to that GUI screen and some times I don't. Every once in a while I get a 'Blue screen of death" for almost 1 second before it restarts again. I have removed all but the bare minimum hardware and this still happens. I think the on board Graphics adapter is faulty can anyone help me with either confirming this possibility or offering alternatives?

    I have tried booting in Safe Mode, VGA mode, and all other modes available including trying to disable automatic restart on system failure that is offered in the F8 menu at boot up and nothing helps. It seems that each time I restarts at a slightly different point.

    Thank you
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