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windows xp startup? HElp!!!!!!

By rscott2
May 28, 2007
  1. ok for some reason when i restarted the office computer, it tells me its trying to boot from cd (twice) then says system boot failure, bootable cd does not exsist. I removed any cds in the drive, went to bios, and made sure the boot ordere was right, sure enough, it is listed as boot from hard drive. so i put in the xp cd and chose recovery, it took me to a dos prompt. typed "dir" at the prompt, and it shows windows and all my files are there...restarted, and took the cd out, made sure bios was correct, and guess does the same as i said above. i can't figure it out, the pc repair shop is closed for the holiday, and i mean...this is a brand new os/ and a HD that was formatted, like week a go, when we installed the os. help
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