Windows XP update site broken ?

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Running XP Windows update page I keep getting this error.

Network policy settings prevent you from using Windows Update to download and install updates on your computer.

Then it says...access denied.

I Recently had to reinstall, since then no go. I installed right over win xp, no format etc.

I also see this in my windows update.log file in the windows folder.

2002-04-01 19:33:03 Success IUCTL Starting
2002-04-01 19:33:06 Success IUCTL Downloaded from
2002-04-01 19:33:06 Success IUCTL Checking to see if new version of Windows Update software available
2002-04-01 19:33:06 Success IUENGINE Starting
2002-04-01 19:33:06 Success IUCTL Access to Windows Update has been disabled by administrative policy
2002-04-01 19:33:09 Success IUENGINE Shutting down

Is this a services problem ? I'm pretty sure my cable modem network settings are the same as before. BTW, I use
Client for Microsoft networks
Printer and file sharing. (share cable via router)
Net BEUI protocol (for my home networking)
Internet protocol TCP/IP

ICF firewall not on

Any ideas?


Edit add: I have OEM corporate version. Don't/have never registered


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i got the same version of Windows XP (OEM/Corporate License) and Windows Update is working fine for me. You may want to try it again..There may have been an issue with it earlier.


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I have been trying since last Saturday.
One thing I'm gonna try tonite when I get home form work is....

See if I can find the Active X plugin and delete it.

Other than that, I'm clueless. Hopefully it's just their site and will be fixed soon.

BTW, does anyone know what this means ?

2002-04-01 19:33:06 Success IUCTL Access to Windows Update has been disabled by administrative policy


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Do you have a pirated copy of Windows?

Oh wait I think ive also had this problem before. Try setting everything in windows internet explorer to default settings.

TS | Thomas

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Enable Active Scripting in Internet Options -> Security -> Internet Zone.

& hey, thats what our OS Updates page is for ;)


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Thanks for the reply !

Active scripting was enabled aready.

& hey, thats what our OS Updates page is for

You are sooo right ! I been there and done that.

Thank god .:grinthumb

Again, thanks for all the efforts


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If you have a legit copy of XP, and adminstraitive rights, and have allowed system updates as Admin.
It is time for you to "phone home,ET!" (MS support)
Good Luck! bring food and water:)


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Originally posted by Boogie
Still no go URGGG :mad:


Try going to the MS Support site. Here is the link.

MS Support

I did some digging around and found this article for you, see if this helps and solves your problem.

When you attempt to use the Windows Update site, you may receive an error message similar to the following:

Administrators Only (-2146828218) To install items from Windows Update, you must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group. If your computer is connected to a network, network policy settings may also prevent you from completing this procedure.
You receive this message even though you are already logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group.

MS Article Q316524

The "Q" number is the article number, if the link is broken search for that article number. Hope this helps !!


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Thanks for taking your time to dig this out. I have already seen this and tried it. I also searched Google/groups for answers.

I'm not giving up...just need the time to persue it. Plus just bought Jedi Knight game =) There's always 3DS that has links for upgrades which doesn't leave me cold.

I also tried my idea of searching Active X stuff on my PC. The little time I had renaming files and messing around did not work either.


Again, thanks !


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Problem solved ?

Well I found the problem. I think ?
Windows update site will scan works about 80/20.

Here's what I found.
User configuration
Administrative templates
Windows components
Windows update
This item was enabled

Now, why do I say it works 80/20 ?

Cause it is acting flakey. Sometimes the "page won't display", it will tell me to install selected updates then it will break and not complete the download ? But I will persavere !

I wanted to share this info. Found some other possible solutions by checking google/groups...a great resource BTW.

Boogie out
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