windows xp

By mafiaheaven
Sep 20, 2007
  1. hi well i finally fixed the prob wit getting my files out of my hd i just installed xp as a diff name on my hd and took it out my files from my windows profile, i couldnt believe it installed because i always got an FATAL ERROR msg wen i started the windows installation, well i deleted everything in my partition and wanted to reinstall and start out fresh well FATAL ERROR came back, i personally think its my windows xp cd so on another crappy computer i dloaded windows xp corperate german version which has a language pack so maybe i cna change it to english but idk how to burn it onto a cd, the file i downloaded was like windowsxpintegratedkey12-5-07release.key.german.ISO well iso i thot was one big file so i tried to burn it well it didnt work, then i tried to extract it and burn those files and i dont think it worked so how could i burn a rar iso file that has many files within it??
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