Windowsclick on Google and Two iexplore.exe in my TM

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Jun 19, 2009
  1. Hello everyone...

    Since last Tuesday I have been experiencing a couple of problem in my computer. The first thing I noticed is that when I turn on my Laptop it freezes after 5 or 8 minutes, I noticed that this happens when my Wireless is on. So, I check my task manager and I realized that just after a started my Windows there where already 2 iexporer.exe running. I tried to do some research in Google and that is when I found out that all my links were redirected to the windowsclick page. I have run a full scan with Nod32 and with malwarebytes and nothing. Here is my log generated with Hijack

    I will appreciate any help you can provide me.
  2. raybay

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    You have a great deal going on in that computer, all at once sometimes. Do you have adequate memory to handle it all. We see three iexplorer... and some unfinished business. If you have 1 GB, or less, memory could be part of the problem... iPod, Camera, Wireless, bluetooth, Seagate Free agent, VAIO entertainment, incomplete actions... that begins to add up and can be a cause when it takes 9 minutes to happen.
    I would uninstall that old version of Adaware as it does nothing useful except remove cookies and such...
    I suppose this is a Sony VAIO laptop... can you tell us more about your configuration, memory, connections, etc.
  3. caronte

    caronte TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Computer Information

    Sure I can:

    My laptop is a Sony Vaio SZ-120P with the next specs:

    - Intel CPU T2400 @ 1.83 Ghz
    - 1.5 Gb of Ram Memory
    - 128 mb of Independent Video Memory
    - 90 Gb HDD, I have left 5 Gb

    What else do you think it is usefull for you?... I am currently uninstalling all the programs that I havent use in many time. Thank you very much for your help and response.
  4. raybay

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    Windows XP?
    You may have a situation where your hard drive is "FULL" as you need to have 17 GB free for a fully operational hard drive. Windows needs room to work.
    See if you can defragment the drive... If you get an error or a stop, the drive is too full... save a bunch of stuff to that Seagate Free Agent, then remove it from the hard drive.
    It would be wise to upgrade to the full 2 GB of RAM as well.
    The drive space size may not be the problem, but you need to deal with that to get closer to finding a fix.
  5. caronte

    caronte TS Rookie Topic Starter

    All right. I will liberaty around 20 GB of my HDD. I am currently not in the position of buying a more Ram, but I will be monitoring if this is the problem. Also, I will do the 8 steps to try to solve the virus problem. Thank you very much
  6. raybay

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    It is better to delete graphics, music, or email, if you can.
    When you get a bunch removed, try to defragment the drive again... when it shows 90 GB but 83 GB usable, you are getting closer... because I assume it is a 100 GB drive before formatting...
    But ideally, you want it down to 73 GB used, and 17 GB free space to be fully opeational.

    Then we have to look at your problem again to see if it was a drive too full, or other problems.
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