Windowx XP Audio Skipping

By maccy99
Nov 9, 2004
  1. I have a creative live value series 128 bit 4 Channel Sound card.

    My machine is Athlon 2000 XP on An Asus A7n266VM Motherboard. The onboard sound has been disabled in the BiOs

    My machine has a config of 256 MB ram, 40 gb HDD, and a Adcom 4.1 speaker set. OS is Windowx XP (Licensed copy)

    The problem is the audio playback, while playing MP3s in media player the audio skips ahead by atleast 5-8 seconds or the tempo becomes very fast. Winamp is able to play audio decently. But I need to use Media Player to watch videos, but even audio during video play back skips.

    Audio skips in all audio playback software, including PowerDVD so I can't enjoy watching DVDs also.

    Please let me know a solution and also is there any tool which can detect the sound card on the computer.

  2. CAG

    CAG TS Rookie

    The only thing I can think of is re-install the Sound Blaster Live Value drivers either from a resource disk that came with your system or sound card or from here

  3. ShannanCarlock

    ShannanCarlock TS Rookie Posts: 31

    I agree. Have you cleaned your registry or checked for spyware? I have done this in the past and it has fixed a few problems like yours before. Doesn't work all of the time, but, it couldn't hurt.
  4. jafische

    jafische TS Rookie

    Click on the "Sounds and Audio Devices" under the control panel
    Click on the "Audio" tab
    Click the "Advanced" button under "Sound Playback"
    Click the Performance tab
    Move the slider for "Hardware Accelertion" all the way to the left "None"
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