WiniFighter ? help remove it? please

By ufgators3x
Jul 10, 2009
  1. I get these popups at the bottom left and bottom right hand of my screen like every 3 minutes....and there is a dock icon at the bottom right that looks like the real windows security center...buts not it...when i click on it this what pops up....i when i click tells me to download WiniFighter...and i think this is the virus or spyware or what ever it is....

    Screenshot of pop ups and fake Windows Security Center:

    And i go into the control panel -> Add & Remove Programs...and there is no WiniFighter .......ScreenShot..

    And i also go into my C drive and its not there either...i look in program files not there...WiniFighter is not there..

    what could this be on my computer...and why am i keep getting these pop ups at the bottom left and right hand of my computer..

    ************I HAVE DONE A SCANS WITH NOD32, SPYWARE DOCTOR, SUPER ANTI SPYWARE, AND Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware NONE OF THESE PROGRAMS HAVE PICKED UP WINIFIGHTER... it has only picked up cookies and other junk...and i have removed them all....and yet i still get these pop ups and the this in my icon tray...the fake windows Security Center asking me to download the WiniFighter

    HELP !!!!
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